The north remembers

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The Killers, Boots

You know it’s been so long, since I rang one in …

PS22 Chorus “Pompeii” Bastille


Reblog if you are NOT jumping ship and will ship crisscolfer until your dying day

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Dalek Bruce Ice Bucket Challenge


Viva México!!
Today it’s a important day for mexicans, because we celebrate the anniversary of México’s independence.
I love México!!!
Mexicana por que así lo quiso Dios :)

"But you know I- we love his hobbit-ish ways."

- Chris Colfer (When asked about Darren’s height)  (via lolasatsuma)

The fact that he was going to say “I love his hobbit-ish ways”

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Currently snacking on singkamas which according to Google is a Mexican turnip and since I’m so very Asian I’m eating it with shrimp paste.



(photo not mine cause I already ate mine. Nomnomnom)

I’m mexican and for a moment I think what the hell is singkamas ??

And I saw the photo and ooohhh