The north remembers

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El Gran Silencio, Duerme Soñando

Today, I need this song more than ever.

Destiny is calling me

Open up my eager eyes

Cause I’m Mr. Brightside

Eternally laughing that Doctor/River fans yowzahed so hard over one line that the DW Tumblr is dedicating an hour to us!


Maybe BBC Digital needs to hop in on the action and release an e-book about this fight?

Who’s with me?





I just needed to reblog this again.

Because jfc, you don’t understand how important this scene is to me.

Or maybe you do!

Because it has Jack openly showing his affection and admiration for two people of different gender in the exact same way, making no difference at all, and neither do Rose nor the Doctor. Zilch. No hesitating, no flinching, no comic relief.

I wish it could be like this more often.

That scene up there is doing everything right, end of story. And while Jack’s sexuality is often made out to be something to smile at, it’s also shown as very natural and Nine was just cool with that, no reason not to be.

Acceptance: You’re doing it right.

And can we also just appreciate that the Doctor actually tips his chin up to meet him…. That kiss was reciprocated.

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The Doctor : Orange Suit

Omg!!!! México flag!!!!

River and I, we had this big fight. 

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